Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sometimes... I wish I wouldnt have gone back to school...

As my title of this post says... Sometimes I wish I wouldn't have gone back to school. Right now I am supposed to working on my Discussion posts that are due tonight. But I am absolutely annoyed and frustrated and stressed out.

This weekend was a four day and while some of it was good... some was bad...

I got some stuff done for the FRG, got our two bookshelves together, Nick built a toy box and I stained it mostly (just waiting to clear coat it and then we can put it in the kiddos play room), then while at my neighbors house I was running around in the back yard and hit the cement piece that under the water drain and did like a front flip? Yea hit a patch of slick dirt with my left flip flop and then it broke and I hit the cement piece with my right foot and went flying... So now I have a deep bruise on my right foot. Luckily its not all that noticeable but if someone actually looked at my foot they could see the greenish blue tint... then yesterday the hubs got 3 nerves burned in his back to hopefully reduce the pain he has, Today I found out that my midterm grade wasnt very good. (C+ :'( but I will admit that I didnt study as much as I should have), Went to a playdate which was going very well into a freakish thunderstorm came through, Kaitlynn has had a bad attitude and is really whiny and going through a back talking fit, and I really dont want to do my homework. I guess my midterm grade really discouraged me on the whole school thing. (This happens whenever I get a low grade... I know I should just work harder but grr). I know what I did wrong with it, but still puts me in a bad mood.

I should have had my degree by now. But I have taken a couple breaks, messed up some and didnt care on other parts. I will admit I have been to 4 different colleges. The first two I messed up and had issues with two pregnancies, two babies, two deployments and 3 different moves. I have been in school on and off for about 4 years. If you look at the time I was actually in school it equals about 2 years. I was two classes away from having my Associates in Accounting when I decided to switch to DeVry to get my Bachelor's instead... TWO CLASSES!!! So now I am working on my Bachelor's and hopefully will get my degree soon so I can work... I miss working a lot sometimes. I passed my last two classes (my first ones with DeVry) both with As and right now I have a low B in Economics and an A in spreadsheets. Im hoping Economics starts to click in my head here soon. AHHH!

Jeez... Ive been trying to write this post for the past two hours and have been getting sidetracked with the kiddos, phone calls, and homework...

Hope everyone is having a good day!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Thoughts

Ok so this past week has been really crazy.

My husband's grandfather passed away last monday. Nick went out to the field on Tuesday and came home on Wednesday when the Red Cross message was received. We drove the 6 hours to get there (only bad thing is Kaitlynn had a panic attack in the truck and we had to pull over for 25 minutes trying to calm her down and make sure she didnt have to throw up. She gets really bad motion sickness and has projectile vomit when shes in a vehicle longer than 90-120 minutes without dramamine in her system) We spent time with family at the visitation and then spent the night in the hotel. Only bad thing that happened with the hotel room is that Kaitlynn stayed up til 0130 and then around 0400 she actually fell outta the bed and then was up for the day at 0645. Nick wore his ASUs to the funeral because his grandfather was an Army Air Force Vet. We got a little upset at the funeral because the Army representative that they had out there was just horrible with all of his movements and folding the flag. Almost seemed half ass. Now I by no means am a professional funeral attender/flag folder but it was just so half assed that I thought I was gonna Gibbs smack him in the back of the head. (Yes a NCIS reference) It was really nice to meet more of my husbands family and there was a bunch of photos of Grandpa and while looking at them all I could see was my husband. Out of all the children/grandchildren there Nick looked exactly like Grandpa when he was younger. It was amazing and kind of weird at the same time. I know what my son will look like in his 20s (my hubs), in his 50s (my father in law) and in his 80s (Grandpa Williams). My husband's entire family seemed to be so happy when Nick wore his ASUs. They were very grateful and proud to have Grandpa honored in this way. <3 I love my husbands family.

We are home now and yesterday decided to take Kaitlynn and Tristan to the park down the street from our house. We were having a blast until Kaitlynn fell and his her eyebrow and split it. It looked pretty bad and bleed a bit. She only cried for like a minute and then was fine. She was more upset when we had to clean it than when it happened. We examined it and it wasnt deep enough or big enough to take to the ER and get stitches. We just made sure to have her stay awake for a few hours and kept a close eye on her. She was happy to just be able to run around that her head didnt bug her much. The kiddos got a pool yesterday and just enjoyed spending the afternoon playing in it.

Well I gotta go work on dishes and then get the kiddos ready for some more pool time! Hope all is well for whoever reads this!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gotta love sick days...

My day has kind of sucked so I feel the need to vent...

Woke up at 0600 to make sure hubs got up for 24 hour Duty. He didnt get out of bed til 0730 and was about to head off work and then got really sick... Needless to say he got to work after 0800. He ended up having to come home because he was just non stop sick... :(. I thought everything would be okay and he would get some sleep and I would be a sweet wife and make some chicken soup over rice because I thought it would be good for him. I looked up a recipe and then went to the store and got all the items. Kaitlynn went with me because she was fine (or so I thought!). Got home and spent some time with my friend Amy and her kiddos. Made dinner and was all excited. Woke Nick up at 5 and told him dinner was done and it took him an hour and a half to get downstairs. He didnt even try the soup :( (yes I understand he wasnt feeling well but still kind of sucks and the soup was surprisingly very yummers!). I was a little happy thinking things would be better tomorrow and everyone was gonna be fine....... Kaitlynn came up whining a little bit so I told her to go sit down and what not... She walks to the other side of the living room and then starts to projectile vomit all over the place... I was like OMG and felt horrible and cleaned her up, put her in the bath and then scrubbed the carpet... She seemed fine after wards so Nick gave her some watered down crystal light (I gotta go to the Commissary and get pedialyte) She was good for about 15 minutes and she was sitting on the couch and then the projectile vomit came again... And now I know its odd to mention projectile vomit and everything but it definitely went about 3 feet in front of her. Kaitlynn is the only kid that I have ever seen literally projectile vomit... I know Im odd lol. But now she cant even hold water down... It is insane how fast an illness can come on... She showed absolutely no signs of being sick at all until around 8 at night... crazy! (yay she finally fell asleep) So now at 11pm at night I am writing this and going to do my homework for the night and sleep on the couch with Kaitlynn. I figured that since I have already had to clean up the living room twice that I figured I would keep it contained to just the living room... Dont want her getting sick in her bed or in mine... AHHHHHH thats all I have to say right about now...

Off to do homework before I get tired!

Happy Mother's Day to my fellow Mothers!!!!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Another Day...

I am writing this from my new office location (haha from the front room to the actual living room). I decided to make the front room the play room for the kiddos to have. Plus it has less access to the living room (movies, video games and what not) and the kitchen. I can work on my homework and stuff without fearing the kids destroying something else! Yay! I did this because I was fed up after walking back in the living room after 5 minutes into a Lab assignment to see my son smashing an egg in the couch and my daughter playing with a stick of butter. Now I think its confirmed that they wait for me to leave the room and get into everything. I got up and checked on them because it was way too quiet! lol! They were watching Dora and are normally yelling and singing along with her on TV so yea something was up lol. But now I can keep track of everything and monitor them without letting my homework get behind and I dont have to stay up late in order to get it done if they are misbehaving too much!

Now I need to have something that reminds me of the stupid decisions that I make so I dont make them again. This includes taking a 200 lb desk apart and moving it and also moving a big filing cabinet by myself. (I kind of maybe stratched my floor a little bit near the downstairs bathroom/front of the garage door.) I am definitely feeling it today. But I am counting it as a little bit of a workout for yesterday!

Ill probably update here later in the day... motherly duties are calling!


Monday, May 2, 2011

History in the making...

I was shocked to hear last night that Osama Bin Laden is dead... Now I personally feel a little relief about his death and if thats wrong than Im wrong. But... (no one get offended please) when you take out one "evil" person there is always someone who is more than likely worse than him to take his place. I pray that I am wrong but I have a feeling that this is going to cause more issues.

I am happy that his reign of terror has ended. And to each their own to celebrate it if they want. I personally am not going to run around screaming it from the rooftops or anything like that. My attention now goes to worry about our people overseas, deployed or not and their safety. We have already had Al Qaeda sympathizers in the US so we know they are out there. They could be in any city and in any country. So I worry about our people whether they are in a combat zone or in like Germany. Bin Laden's death is sure to ensue vengeance so Be safe to all my fellow Americans! I hope there is no incidents that result from this counter terrorism.

In other personal news... our battle with Kaitlynn and sleeping in ongoing. Saturday night was a really rough night but she slept until 0900 Sunday morning which was nice. She slept until around 0820 this morning. Which is amazing but now I am working on getting a new routine going for myself since I do most of my housework and homework while she is napping and Tristan is in school. Now with no naps and Tristan is going to be out of school here in about 2 weeks, I definitely need to rethink my schedule lol.

Class opened up last night and right now I am taking Data Analysis with Spreadsheets with Lab and Principles of Economics. Im really excited for my next classes because I get an accounting class!... I am a dork I know but its exciting.

Other than that, Nick is going to be training a lot more starting next week probably (ugh!) and I have my first actual FRG meeting that I am apart of tomorrow. :D

Hope everyone has a good day!

I got tons of coupons from the newspaper last night but am only using some of them cause well I only use some of the items lol. Right now Im debating on where I am going to donate all the other coupons. I have a big ziploc bag full of them. And its a couple hundred dollars of savings so I think I am going to send them to the bases overseas.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yea... So... Um... HI :D

Wow today has been a semi long day. Kaitlynn did okay last night. She didnt wake up at 2am but she did wake up around 0630... I guess I should be happy that she slept all night. But today shes been a TERROR!!! <---- thats right... not a normal terror but one that deserves all capital letters! Although while we did grocery shopping she did good (that's because everyone kept telling her how cute she is and what not).

Nick's on CQ (24 hour duty...) for the night and I guess the kids could sense that because they have messed with everything and anything that they could possibly mess with to push my buttons. So here in about 19 minutes they should be going to bed and I can finally have a moments peace! (haha yeah right). They did even wanna eat dinner (Homemade Sausage Gravy and Biscuits) which I know they like it but they didnt want it and I stopped being a short order chef :(

I never thought I would say this but I want my next classes to start already! I thought they started this past Sunday and got all excited and turns out they dont start until this Sunday May 1st... I think the main reason why I am excited is that I got As in my last two classes, so I am off to a good start...

Im gonna go put my kiddos to bed and read a book or something... I need to work on my writing skills also... have a good night everyone!

*** coupon update - I thought I was being all high speed today because I had quite a bit of coupons but... I only saved like 15 bucks... Crazyness... ***


Day 1 1/2 of no nappie poos

(Started this post yesterday and didnt finish... whoops)

Nappie Poos.... No I really do not call naps nappie poos... Just felt like making that the title lol!

So Kaitlynn slept until about 0730 this morning. Which is fantastic! but.... (im sure you saw the but coming...) She woke up at 0238 this morning crying yet again... Now I am at a loss of what could be going on so I turned to Facebook... I have a lot of mommy friends on there so I just asked if any of them knew about or had gone through something similar. So far the couple girls who have commented have said it sounds like Night Terrors. One of the girls posted an article and the article states that night terrors are usually related to sleep deprivation. Now Im like ahh that does fit because we put the kids to bed at 2000 (8pm) every night and sometimes a little later on the weekends. But for like the past month we have been finding Kaitlynn and Tristan out of bed or in their rooms playing at 2300 (11pm sorry I am used to writing military hours... I actually like it lol). Of course we try and get them to go to sleep when we put them down, but I am definitely not going to sit in their rooms until they fall asleep. I usually get more stuff down at night then I do during the day so when they go t bed its my time to either relax, clean up or work on homework.  So these night issues started like 2-3 weeks ago so Im wondering what else I can do about it. One girl suggested melatonin and another suggested a doc appointment. I think they all agreed on no more naps and try to wear her out during the day so she can hopefully sleep.